Mr Bullet 2

This game is a kind of recently developed exciting physical shooting game. The players need to aim well and take shot to destroy all enemies. Target at other objects so that the bullet strayed and hit the enemy. Do not you want to join us to have a try? Hope you can gain pleasure and good luck!
use the mouse to play.

Hungry Box

Hungry Box is a simple arcade avoid game. There is a hungry box needing foods. All you have to do is to make it a safe down path in order to eat. Make the box full before 10 seconds will be a difficult challenge, but I am sure that you will prove it, do you?
tap or mouse interaction

Water Lab

Water Lab is a mathematical puzzle game. Measure the correct amount of liquid using the provided cups. Earn more score by quickly solving the puzzles. Later levels have different colored liquids which are to be poured only into its own cups.

Slenderman And Killer Clown

Oh my god! When you wake up, you suddenly found that you are trapped in a horrible space. The Slenderman and Killer Clown are both chasing you. They appear and disappear mysteriously. The only way to escape is to collect all the red balloons. And shot the monsters without hesitation. Take your weapon! Let’s get away from the nightmare.

Fighter Aircraft

Fighter Aircraft is a typical arcade aircraft game. Attention pilot, you must realize that it is a one-way route. You need to shoot the enemy’s planes and try your best to avoid their planes and bullets. The only way you are able to fly more far away is to collect the fuels. When you use all your 3 lives up by bullets or hits, you will be shoot down and receive the final score.
tap or mouse interaction

Shopping Cart Hero HD

Shopping Cart Hero HD is a highscore shooting game in reality. First you are acting a matchstick man who is trying to create a new and high prograss by pushing a shopping cart. Then you will act the matchstick man who is sitting on the shopping cart and you can control the horizontal direction to make yourself rush more far away. Show your best tricks and be the real Hero.
tap and arrow keys interaction

Kingdom Tower Defense

Kingdom Tower Defense is a normal tower defense arcade game which it is happened during the middle ages, though it is not scientific of this magic world at all. As a castle commander, you need to keep your territory safe by building different kinds of defense towers. Enemies won’t let you relax easily, so just focus on upgrade old towers and create a strong defensive line!
tap or mouse interaction


Hexalau is a simple puzzle game which is similar to the legendary lines game but with a twist. Connect 4, or more hexagons of the same number, and clear the board as long as you can. When you can’t connect over 4 numbers each time, it will appears new and irrational numbers to obstruct you. While new hexagons appear, your room for maneuver decreases. So show me your highscore as possible as you can!

Sniper 3D Target Shooting

Sniper 3D is a simulation shooting game Test you shoot’em up game in real scenes. You need to care about influence of environment as a professional sniper in the real world. Adjust zoom and wind compensator for accuracy, and culculate the distance and windforce will be helpful for you to take a clean subtle shot!
Use L to Lock Cursor, WASD to move, Shift to Run, Mouse and Mouse Wheel to aim, zoom and shoot, H to hold breath for better aiming.

Escape From Pinky House

This game is another point and clicks escape game developed by top 10 New Games. Assume that you are trapped in the pinky house and you try to escape from the pinky house by using objects, key, hints and by solving puzzles. We hope you will escape from there. Good luck and have fun!
Mouse Interaction

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