Old M

OLD M is another Super Mario adventure game. Jump into the most challenging platformer. Conquer all the levels and become the master of the 3 worlds. Collect as many coins, keys and diamonds as you can in order to unlock new levels and chests. Watch out for all the enemies across the levels. Some can be killed but some can not. Perform as good as you can and be the best OLD M in the game.
arrow keys interaction

Dont Touch The Spike

Dont Touch The Spike is another arcade game like Flappy Bird in reality. You are able to control a bird by tapping to collect the candies. Never ignore to the spikes on both sides! Which base could you live in?
tap interaction

Kids Hidden Stars

Kids Hidden Stars is a funny hidden objects game for all ages especially for kids. You need to pick out all hidden stars from the scene to enter a new level. Have fun and use your mind to solve these simple questions!
tap interaction

Drag N Merge

Drag N Merge is a puzzle game. Your goal is to merge two identical numbers into the next one. The bigger the number, the higher the score. Pay attention to the time bar above. When the time bar is over, the layers will rise! Have fun!
Mouse or tap to play.

X Racer

X racer is a concept aircraft racing game for racing amateurs. In this game you will control the concept aircraft try to fly far away without any stunts. All you need to concern about is to avoid as many as obstacles and collect colorful circles to get higher grades. Now show me your driving skills and highscore then!
arrow keys interaction


Game for an assignmentPlatforming game with four levels and a boss at the endGames got sound so be careful your volume isn't too high
Standard platforming controls1-3 for different weaponsDown on arrows or S for crouch

Dream Head Soccer

Do you like sport games? Dream Head Soccer is waiting for you.
Arrow keyboard.

Little Heart Flying

Little Heart Flying is another Flappy Bird arcade game. The little heart is flying happily on the colorful sky, the heart must collect the stars to proof his skill, unfortunately there are some obstacles such as fire balloons on his way. Just collect more stars and avoid obstacles to get more scores!
tap interaction

Air Warfare

Air Warfare is an HTML5 skill game. Destroy enemy aircraft, gather supplies, first-aid kits, and fuel in an endless battle mode! In this game, the degree of difficulty gradually increases, if you can have enough courage, please join us to have a try and show off your skills!
use the mouse to play.

Mini Tank Wars

Mini Tank Wars is a high degree of freedom 3D game which has 2 modes for players. You are allowed to play offline with bots for practicing skills or play online with multiplayers. You are also able to collect items for recover your HP or upgrade your missile. Good luck for you tank commander!
WASD for movement, mouse for aim and fire

New Games