Party Hangover Escape

Party Hangover Escape is an excellent escape game. At the party, you drunk too much and hangover at the party room. Now you come normal but no one is here you know only one thing that is you alone to find the way to get out from here. Interact with everything in this game like clues, puzzles and solve them and escape. Good luck and have fun!
Mouse interaction.

Faddish Twin Sisters

Beautiful Carol and Cathy are twin sisters. Both of them love the stylish and special pose. They are planning to spend a holiday on the beach. Design a perfect pose for them. They will be the most charming and faddish twin sisters on the beach. Join us quickly and have fun!
use the mouse to play.

Perfect Bridesmaid Makeover

Mary would be her best friend’s bridesmaid on this Sunday. She wants to become the most beautiful bridesmaid and need your help. Please help make her over and choose the perfect bridesmaid dresses and other beautiful jewelry. Have fun and good luck!
use the mouse to play.

big teddy shooter

shoot the aliens and try to not die on the exploding boxes
arrow up=jumparrow right=walk forwardarrow left=walk backwardspace button=shoot

Twist Hit 2

Twist Hit 2 is another launch game. Continue our tree planting journey, this time we will plant trees in mysterious space.
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Stars And Clouds

Now is the time to collect all the stars from the sky! In this game, you have nine levels and for each level, you have a certain time to collect the stars between the clouds. In each level, you have an hourglass that gives you extra time to complete the level. Have fun!
use the mouse to play.

Cat Doctor

The little cat goes out to play all day and she is ill. Can you help the injured cat? Play as the cat doctor to cure her. Join in the game Cat Doctor now and here you can learn to take care of cat! Have a great time!
Use the mouse to play.

Senpa Io

Senpa Io is a kind of fun-addicting multiplayer online IO game about huge masses that just keep growing and eating other players. The players need to collect colorful balls as many as possible. Avoid touching the grey circles or you will automatically split, what can make you vulnerable to enemy attacks. Have fun!
use the mouse to play.

Awesome Escape

You’ll have to prove your skills at the wheel to get out of this mind-bending chase! Do not forget to get the gallons of fuel and coins to get the most points! Enjoy the racing!

Pop Those Squares

Pop Those Squares is a typical matching arcade game as matter of fact. Time for some squares smashing. They are coming from nowhere, and your task is to eliminate them as fast as you can to approch the level goal. It is abusolutely not only 1 level!
tap interaction

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