Baby Hazel Hidden Stars

Baby Hazel Hidden Stars is an online game that you can play on for free. In the game, you can help Baby Hazel look for some hidden stars. Use the mouse and click on the star when you see one. Have fun!
Mouse or tap to play.

Ball Mayhem

Ball Mayhem is a typical football simulation game with white cute models. You are acting a professional football player. You need to play with your AI teammates to put the ball on your opposite side. You will be forced open by the holder or steal the bull. It is a timing game, so have fun and dash!
WASD to play.

Twisty Road

This game is a kind of newly developed arcade game, in which the players need to use the mouse or arrow keys to prevent the ball from dropping from the road. In the meantime, you should pay more attention to the sharp obstacles during the process of collecting yellow blocks. Hope you can gain pleasure!
AD or allow keys to play. Use the mouse to play.

Cooking Fast 2 Donuts

How about managing a fast food restaurant? You opened a restaurant and work to prepare ice cream and donuts for the customers. Practice your skill to cook fast enough to pass levels and unlock the frappe, broccoli soup and other recipes. Don’t forget to upgrade your cooking tools by coins. So you can prepare the recipes faster. Enjoy!

Princy Eye Doctor

Recently Princy found that she could not look clearly. For the vision problem, she is going to meet ophthalmologists today. Let’s exterminate her eyesight and choose best glass for her. Wish her for the great vision.

Baby Taylor Caring Story Photo

Today is baby Taylor’s birthday. Parents want to make a celebration for her. First, they prepare gifts. Then they will take Taylor to take some art photos. What kind of photo will they choose? Help Taylor to make up and dress up. Give her an unforgettable birthday!
Tap on screen on mobile phone and mouse click on PC.

EG Stick Monkey

EG Stick Monkey is a popular HTML5 arcade game. Hold your finger on screen to make the stick grow the length you need to build a proper bridge. Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms. Be careful not to make the stick too short or too long, any faults may cause game over. How long are you able to insist going forward?
Tap or mouse interaction

Funky Cube Monsters

Funky Cubes is an online game that you can play for free. You need to match three of the same funky cubes in a straight line to get points. There is no time limit for this game, but there is a limited number of steps. Please join us to have a try and show off your high score!
Mouse or tap to play.

Kogama Create Your House

Kogama Create Your House is a building game which seems like a little complicated like Minecraft. Grab some friends and build your own house, castle, store, or anything else your creative heart desires!
Play Mode: Arrow keys for movements, Space to jump, K to respawn, Left mouse button to shoot, V to drop the equipped weapon, E to use nearby object, Q to holster equipped weapon, Enter or T to show chat, ESC or M for menu, TAB to show players and change chat. Edit Mode: Right mouse button for free fly mode. Shift to fly fast, Space or E to fly up, Left Ctrl or C to fly down, PgDn to move workplane down, PgUp to move workplane up, P to toggle between Play and Edit mode, 1 to edit cube, 2 to delete cube, 3 to paint cube, G to change grid snap size, F to toggle workplane, L to toggle show logic cubes, R to change cube material, I to open inventory, N to create new model, V to focus on selected object, Q to copy selected object.

Tappy Swing

Tappy Swing is another tapping arcade game which is familiar with Flappy Birds. You need to tap the screen at the proper timing in order to live and collect coins by swinging from side to side. This game doesn’t have obvious obstacle but when you touch walls, the game is over. Have fun and show your highscore!
Tap interaction

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